Wyatt Earp's 155th Birthday Celebration August 9&10, 2003

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OK, so here's the story. The lady in charge of this shindig called me last week and said thier regular reenactors had a conflict and asked for help in putting on the Gunfight at the OK Corral. An e-mail to several of the Shady Creek Shootists Gang brought forth several cowpokes willing to be shot dead. Now none of us has ever done this before so, it's likely gonna come off somewhat ametureish, but so what. We all got to wear our guns in Downtown Monmouth!

Participants were: Wrangler Rich, Russ T. Bronco, Premption Judge, Charlie Dee, Dapper Dan, G.W. McClintick and Montana Slim with Happy Hooker and Juaquin Malone cheering us on.

Wrangler Rich, Montana Slim, Charlie Dee, G.W. McClintick

Preparing to do battle (with blanks)

In Front of Wyatt's Birthplace

More Pictures From A Different Camera