True Grit 2003

Sierra Jack Cassidy, Shamrock Sis, T.A. Spurs, Flint Westwood

Left To Right, Cassidy, Mrs 3 E's, Flint, Greeenriver

The Flintster, DD timin, Cass Countin

Sierra Jack Cassidy Shootin

Cuts Crooked Getting Ready, Flint timing, Molasses countin

Marshal (with one L) Bore, Is He Actually Aiming???

Shamrock Sis Beating Her Hubby (TA Spurs)On Stage 5, Flint Timing

Damned Nasty Habit!

Molasses Winning Long Range Lever Action Class

Duke (Slightly Libated) Chisum

Cassidy Havin An After Dinner Smoke, Flint Enlightning Some Pilgrim

Dapper Dan & Ole # 7 Having A "Refreshment"

Cuts & Cass (Kinda Got A Glow About Them, Don't They?)

Cut's & J.B. Books

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