"Spur Marlin"

Do You Want The Fastest, Smoothest Marlin Out There?

No longer taking new orders as of 10/14/14 until I get my current wating list taken care of.

Thanks For your Patience

Video Of Carty Running His And Spurs Donation Rifle For St Jude Charity Shoot 2013 Click .....HERE:


Videos Of Rifle Done By Carty For Deuce Stevens -----Click HERE: And HERE:

Deuce Stevens Has won Speed Rifle At Winter Range 2 years in a row with the rifle in the video above.

Do You Want Your Marlin To Feed 38's Reliably?

Up To An Inch Shorter Lever Throw?

Contact Carty Here: Cartya78@gmail.com Or Call 309-299-7843

Comparison Between Stock And Modified Marlins

Modification Consists Of A New Carrier Made To Handle Cartridges Of A Specific Length (example, 38 Special At 1.42" or less). Spur designed this carrier primarily to try and correct feeding problems with the Marlin rifle. As with any dual caliber rifle (example,.38-.357) some may handle .38's and others .357's only, some handle neither well. An offshoot of this project resulted in an inch shorter lever throw on guns with the newly designed carrier. New carrier includes cartridge guide that effectively keeps live rounds from coming off the carrier. NOTE: Marlins with this modification will NOT feed cartridges longer than the rifle has been set up for, unless you re-install the original factory carrier.

Carrier Conversion On Your Marlin (Includes Action Job)

.38 Special, ---- $500.00 + Shipping

Other Cartridges By Special Request

Remove Forward Overtravel on Trigger &Set Back Approx 1/8th" (Included In Price)

Tang Sights And Leather Wraps Available.

Repairs Are Extra (Free Estimates)

Donated To St Jude Charity Shoot 2013

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