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Some Pards To Ride The River With (Many more to follow, when I get time)

Chip Tosser
T.A. Spurs
Tex Boden
Flint Westwood
Rocky Meadows
Sierra Jack Cassidy
Duke Chisum
Marshall Rusty Bore
Doc McCandless
Ritze Kid
Hey Galloway
Boston John Doucette
Black Harris
Mack Weston
Charlie Dee
Second Chance
Montana Slim
Reno Bill
Russ T. Bronco
Slogun Slim
Cuts Crooked
Triple "T"
Miss Ann & Will Flinch
Taqulia Tab
Spur & Uh Oh
Back Forty
Honky Tonk Harlot
Hawk Mortimer
Blaze O Glory & Mad Mable
Dusty Tagalon
Bailey Creek
Lingle Creek Marshall
Digger Sam
Handsome Jack
Lingle's Lady
Coyote Cap
Dog Daddy & Broomtail Betsy
Alamo Kid
The "Creek" Clan
Cowboy Rance & Lacey Corsette
Teton Jake & Frisco Filly
Snake Wrangler
"The Partners"
Trader Dave
Ragin Reajean
Preemption Judge
C.B Right
Lead Poison Lar
Old Man
Vengeful Virgil
Linn County Ranger & Shasta
Jauquine Malone
C.B. Right
Cowboy Rick & Dimple Darlin
Goat Hollow Charlie
Dingleberry Jo
Charles Goodnight
Marlin Buckhorn
Ranger Edison Carter
Dancin Daisy
Newsome Porter
Lily Mae
Dry Fire & Turkey Legs
Querida (Q.T.) Kate
Tobie Tuesday
Evil Roy
Camp Cookie
Muleskinner Mary & Ole # 7
Jadyn Ballard
Hairless Horseman & Mean Mary
Old Short Tom
Two Sons

Cascade Charlie& Tenshot Tammy

Saguaro Kid
Texas Drifter & "Princess"
Mogollon Drifter
Peaches N. Cream
Montana Longhair
Lucius Hewlett
Doc Holliday
Max Montana
Fancy Bob & Fancy Red
Sarah & Family
Hoss Johnson
Dapper Dan (Smokin)
Hezekiah Kidwell
PFC Nathan Gurley Dee Mack Jack & Judy B. Quick 3 Duece Cowhand & Cheyenne Cinder
Shoshone Slim
Coporal Cannon
Hissyfit Hannah & Dutch Newton
Sargent Smokepole
Coyote Cap
Wrangler Rich
Tater Jim & Hurdy-Gurdy
Kimchi Cowboy
Justice James Newton & Smilin D
Colt Ruger
Hank T. Bullwhacker
Will Dunn
Big Shooter Mike
Doc Cole
Kocheese & Snapshot
Dog Earred Dan & Judy
Lawman Wolf
Winslow Willy & Sure Miss
Sheriff Boo Boo Bottom
Missouri Sunshine
J. Mark Flint
Chancy Shot
Rufus Basset
Big Grit
Marshal Magoo
Tony Bee
George Emmett
Chili Pepper Kid
Tuekatz Bodine Count Sandor & Bookworm Sandy
Antety & Long Jim Hancock
John Lee
Citizen Kane
Northern Star & Armageddon
Cowboy Carty & Dixie Darlin
Jadyn & Jess
Cardboard Cowboy & Foxy Filly

Prime Beef Parade 2008

A Page To My Friend Duke Chisum 1950-2007

Wyatt Earp's 155th Birthday Celebration August 9&10, 2003

Wyatt Earp, Shootout At The OK Corral-2005

Wyatt Earp, Shootout At The OK Corral-2006

Dapper Dan Cowgirl Action Shooting School, Class Of 2005

Dapper Dan Cowgirl Action Shooting School, Class Of 2006 Page 1, Page 2, Page 3, Page 4,

Murderi'n Horse Thieves Guild

The Longhair Posse

True Grit 2002 (The Longhair Posse)

True Grit 2003

True Grit 2004
True Grit 2005
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Posse Pictures
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True Grit 2006
Wedding Pictures
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Charity Shoot 2003
Charity Shoot 2004
Charity Shoot 2005
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Illinois State Shoot 2005

The Mississippi Fandango

Examples of Antique Husqvarna Shotguns

Fandango 2000 Saloonatic Posse
Fandango 2001 Saloonatic Posse
DD & Patches, Fandango 2003
Fandango 2004 Saloonatic Posse
Fandango 2005 Saloonatic Posse
Fandango 2007 Saloonatic Posse


Sweetwater, Official Saloon Of The Shady Creek Shootists
A Page To Russell (The Horse)
A Man's Best Friend (Dogs)
Back 40's Going Away Party Feb 1st 2005
Tex & Dan On A Training Mission

Gun Club

Founders Of Shady Creek Shootists
Skeet Field
New Shelter Over The Cook Shack