Shoot Dates for Shady Creek Shootists 2016

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Starting times for Cowboy Matches 9:30 AM , Shooters meeting 9: 15 AM

New Cooks This Year, No Breakfast


First Shoot Of The Season Sunday April 24th-

May 1st-------------------Shady Creek Shoot----------Regular Match

May 15th ----Proceeds to St Judes

May 20th, 21st & 22nd---------------- Charity Shoot,------- Milan, IL.

June 5th--------------- Shady Creek Shoot ---------- Regular Match

June 26th-------------------Shady Creek Shoot---------------Regular Match

July 3rd ------------------Shady Creek Shoot---------Regular Match

July 23rd ,24th ------Shady Creek Shootout-----ANNUAL MATCH!

August 7th--------------Shady Creek Shoot -----------Regular Match

August 28th---------Shady Creek Shoot-----------Regular Match

September 4th------------ Shady Creek Shoot----------Regular Match

September 18th-----------Shady Creek Shoot----------Regular Match

September 23td, 24th & 25th -------------------------- Milan Fall Roundup

October 2nd-----------------Shady Creek Shoot------ -------Regular Match

October 23rd-------------Shady Creek Shoot -----------------TWISTED SISTER !