Illinois State Shoot 2005

Shady Creeks Stage At The State Shoot (Thanks Back 40) Winner Of Best Stage Props By The Mayor Of Sparta.

Front Row Left To Right

Spur (IL. State Senior Champ) Uh-Oh (IL. State Senior Ladies Champ) Blaze Of Glory (First Place Gunfighter) Lingle Creek Marshal (5th Place 49er)

Back Row From Left To Right

Lingles Lady (5th Place Ladies 49er), Turkey Legs ( 1st Place Ladies Modern State Champ) Shamrock Sis (1st Place Ladies Trad. & IL. State Champ) Mad Mable (3rd Place Ladies Trad.) Dapper Dan (Winner Of Nothing) We Also Were State Champs On The Club Challenge Event. The Team Was Uh-Oh, Spur, Lingle Creek Marshal, Dapper Dan & Blaze Of Glory.

My New Friend!

"DAD" Finally Caught Up With Alamo!

Honky Tonk Harlot, Mad Mable, Shamrock Sis & Tenshot Tammy.

Walco Curly, Wes Flowers & Dr. BH Carrol

Drifter, Spur & O.D. Refire

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