A Page To My Amigo, Duke Chisum, 1950-2007

May you rest in peace, my friend.

Duke & Chiptosser True Grit 2003

Duke, Chip, Flint & Cass TG 2003

Posse 1 Fandango

Duke Chisum, Classic Cowboy Champion True Grit 2004

Duke & Duke

Duke (coppin a feel)

Duke & Di

Duke & His Harem

Rocky, Duke & Velvet Glove

Duke, Mack & Tex

The Duke & Marshal Rusty Bore

You will be missed Amigo. Of all the cowboys I ever knew, you represented the very best of Cowboy Action Shooting. Your wit, your humor, your laugh and the times we spent together will be with me the rest of my days.

Dapper Dan

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