Cowboy Charity Shoot To Benefit St Jude Children's Research Hospital 2015


May 22nd, 23rd & 24th 2015

This Shoot Is Strictly Limited To The First 200 Entries (well maybe more :)

Application On Line-----HERE: (January 1st)

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For those that have not attended in the past, this match is the brainchild of TA Spurs & Shamrock Sis. It was formerly a one day match held in Milan IL. only. To say it has grown would be an understatement! The gist of it is, we donate every single penny we take in to the kids of St. Jude Research Hospital.

Tthis year we will again beshooting both days at ILLOWA IRREGULARS in Milan IL.

We will be having some sidematches on Friday from 11:00 AM on, to include a 3 stage Wild Bunch Match.

Pizza Party Friday Evening & BYOB

Hotel Info:

We have blocked rooms at the Holiday Inn Express (brand new hotel). The address is 2100 69th Avenue, Moline, IL. The rate for 2 queen beds or 1 king bed is $135.00 (plus tax) per night. Your reservation must be made by April 21st and please be sure to tell them you are with the St. Jude Charity Event. This hotel is about 6 miles from the gun club. The number to call for reservations is (309) 517-6400.

We also have blocked rooms at Jumer's Hotel and Casino (777 Jumer Drive, Rock Island, IL) at a rate of $129.99 (plus tax) for Thursday and Sunday nights and $169.99 (plus tax) for Friday and Saturday nights – this is 1 king bed or 2 queen beds. Your reservation must be made by April 28th and please be sure to tell them you are with the St. Jude Charity Shoot. This hotel is only 2 miles from the gun club. The number to call for reservations is (309) 756-4600 or (800) 477-7747.


Whiskey Rick, His Wife Laura and his Son JR Are Donating $6.00 For Each Vet in Attendence

Update! 02-10-15 VFW Mens Aux Post 2301 Has Added $400.00 to the Vets in attendence fund


American Beauty Rifle From Dapper Dan

Holy Terror Rig------------------------Choice (One Only)----------------------Or Evil Roy Rig

Made To Fit You Mernickle Custom Holsters Sponsor 03,04,05,06,07,08,09,10,11,12,13,14 &15

Remington 1858 With .45 Conversion Clyinder From Granville Stuart & Broomtail Betsy

"14Kt. Rose Gold with .26CT Orange Sapphire, 14Kt. White Gold with .22Ct Tsavorite and 14Kt. Hamilton Yellow with .28Ct. Diamond" . Donor wants to be anonymous

From Fancy Bob & Fancy Red

Handmade Earrings From Muleskinner Mary

Coyote Cap- M 99 Hammergun (Not Actual Gun pictured)

Stihl MS 170 Chain Saw From Martin Sullivan Monmouth, IL.

Bullets (1000's of em) From Lead Merchant At Two Alpha Bullet Company

From Red Rider Rudy

From Justa Ol' Pathfinder and Kant Ree Call.

From Sue at Kempf Gun Shop

From Back 40


From Big Grit

“Hand Woven Basket from Little Missy Ann”.

WINCHESTER 1897 Takedown From Dan's Body Shop

Glock 42 From 3 Deuce Cowhand & Cheyenne Cinder

From Rootin Tootin

From Armagedon & Northern Star

From Pawpa

.36 Cal. Cap & Ball from

Granville Stuart & Broomtail Betsy

From Peaches

From Peaches

From Justice Jame Newton & Smilin D

From Justice Jame Newton & Smilin D

Custom Hand made Rifle in 22 Hornet From Ole# 7

From Sgt. Smokepole

3 Flats From Sgt. Smokepole

McLintock Weathervane Donated From Anonymous

From Cripple Creek Kory. Plates are Hard Steel.


Tater Jim and Hurdy Gurdy Hel  aka Jim and Helen Boyer gave us this
holster rig to give to you as a donation to the Charity Shoot.

It measures 35 inches from the end of the buckle to the center hole or
37.5 inches to the last hole.  The belt is 2-1/4 wide and is smooth
lined.  The holsters are lined with smooth leather as well. It is custom
made by Slickbald Customs from Frederick, CO, and is very high quality
work.  The carving is hand done and features a lady in a reclining pose
such as you would see behind an old west bar.  It has a right straight
holster and a left side cross draw holster.  .32 caliber single sixes
fit very nicely in both holsters.  It is a brand new rig.

From Chancy Shot