Cowboy Charity Shoot To Benefit St Jude Children's Research Hospital 2012


May 26th & 27th 2012

This Shoot Is Strictly Limited To The First 200 Entries (well maybe more :)

Do You All Think We Can Top Last Years $40,100 ?

$45,700!!!!!!! Great Job!

Thanks To Jimmy Spurs, Cardboard Cowboy & Foxy Filly

(Rifle Brought $5,000!)

Application On Line-----HERE: (January 1st)

Stage Sponsors-----HERE:

Who Is Coming?--Click--HERE:

Main Match Sponsors ...HERE:

News Update 01-02-12

Whiskey Rick, His Wife Laura Lee and Son J.R. Rider Are Each Putting In $2.00 for every Vet in Attendance And Challenge Others To Do The Same! Update Back From 100 Has Added Another $2.00 For Every Vet!

News Update 01-04-12

Tuekatz Bodine Has Started The Clean Stage Challenge With $2.00 Donated for each Shooter Who Cleans The Stage! Update 01-13-12 Cardboard Cowboy & Foxy Filly have added to the clean stage for $5.00 per shooter!

News Update 01-25-12

Back 40 And His Lovely Wife Barb Are Donating $3.00 For Each Shooter To Clean The Stage They Sponsored (Stage 7.)

Americinn in Monmouth has set aside a block of rooms for the discounted price of $74.90. Reservation must be made at least one month prior to shoot. (309) 734-9958

For those that have not attended in the past, this match is the brainchild of TA Spurs & Shamrock Sis. It was formerly a one day match held in Milan IL. only. To say it has grown would be an understatement! The gist of it is, we donate every single penny we take in to the kids of St. Jude Research Hospital.

We will still have two days shooting at two clubs. The first day (26th) with six stages to be shot at Shady Creek Shootists in Monmouth IL . The second day is six more stages at The Illowa Irregulars range in Milan IL . These two clubs are an easy 30-40 minutes apart. Same as last year we will have a steak fry, auction and chance drawings to be held after the first days shooting in Monmouth. This will save time on Sunday for those that must travel.

We will be having some sidematches on Friday from 11:00 AM on.

We will be having a Friday evening, May 25th, "Get together" at Shady Creek. (6:30 ish)

We will be serving Tacos (Donation To St Jude's) and a cocktail hour (hours-?) BYOB

02-29-2012 Big News! New Corporate Sponsor

Enterprise Holdings

03-13-2012 Big News! Another New Corporate Sponsor

CGB -Twomey Group
P.O. Box 158
Smithshire, IL 61478
Phone 309-325-7100 or

FAX 309-325-7109

"Coyote Cap" -Sponsor EVERY year since the beginning! (Value $750.00)

Handmade Earrings From Muleskinner Mary


Bullets (1000's of em) From Lead Merchant At Two Alpha Bullet Company (Maybe a target rack too!)

A Dillon Square Deal B Donated By Scheels All Sports Sponsor04, 05, 06, 07, 08, 09,10,11 & 12

A Big Package Of Framed Prints From Marlin Buckhorn & Wapsi Belle

XD-M 9 MM From Springfield Armory, Geneseo IL. Sponsor 06,07, 08, 09,10,11 & 12

Holy Terror Rig------------------------Choice (One Only)----------------------Or Evil Roy Rig

Made To Fit You Mernickle Custom Holsters Sponsor 03,04,05,06,07,08,09,10,11& 12

BIG Colt Bowie Knife From Dan's Body Shop

Instructional DVD'S From Evil Roy!

From Cowboy Carty & Dixie Darlin

Custom Rig From The Broken Spur

Stoeger 12 Gauge Coachgun From Fancy Bob & Fancy Red (Pie too!)

Gold (1/2 ounce) & Diamonds (1+ carat) Watch Fob or Pendant From An Anonymous Donor ($2600 Retail)


Inline Black Powder Rifle Donated By Trader Dave & Ragin Rae Jean At

E-Z Livin Sports Center, Milan IL Sponsor 04, 05, 06, 07, 08, 09, 10, 11 & 12


Howa M-1500 223 Remington With Scope From Dan's Body Shop

Cowboy Target Compliments of Rufus Basset and CMP Products

The John Wayne Collection From Peaches (Click HERE To See Individual Pieces)

Four Flats Of Federal Top Gun 12 Guage Shells From Sarge Smokepole

Henry .22 From Ole# 7 And Muleskinner Mary Laser Engraving By Laser's Edge Studio

Case Of Mixed Black Powder From Crater Fireworks

From Gunsmith Frank and Miss Hitem at FNDGUNSMITHING.COM

Dan, here are two more gifts from Fancy Bob Fancy Red for the 2012 St. Jude's shoot. One is a triple soft gun case in black outer coating and the other is a case of Red, White and Blue Shot gun shells in support of the wounded warriors.

From Jeff Tomlin

Stihl FS 45 String Trimmer From KLEINE EQUIPMENT Monmouth, IL. Rusty Spence

Antique Finish Uberti .45 From Buckeye Trooper Trooper's Lady

From Big Grit & Hookem Leather

We have a donation for the Charity Shoot.  It is a new  Rossi Ranch Hand (mare's leg) lever action handgun in .357/.38 cal. 3Three Deuce Cowhand & Cheyenne Cinder

Super Custom 73 Rifle From Jimmy Spurs At Cowboy Gunworks ($2500 Value And No Longer Made)

.17 HMR Henry Rifle From Armageddon & Northern Star

Aces & Eights's From Ron Bright AKA Sundance

Remington 1858 With .45 Conversion Clyinder & 2 Flats Federal 12 Gauge Target Loads From Granville Stuart & Broomtail Betsy

Evil Roy Target From Action Target

Wild Bunch Poster from Silversides

Nice Gun Case from Chancy Shot

Bleeding Zombie Target From Galesburg Guns & Gear & Ammo

We would like to donate two gun covers.   I make these.  They are water proof and fit most all guns.  I am enclosing two pictures. The pictures do not show the color very well.  They are multi colored.  If you have any question let me know. 

Katie Scarlett and Doc Hurd